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The industry of amusement rides and games is witnessing tremendous boom in the present period. The emergence of different amusing parks and gaming parlors has resulted in the steady growth of demands for such products in every quarter of India. Our company Super Amusement Games is a specialized manufacturer of such items using the latest technology with the best quality raw materials.

Our firm is committed to provide the clients with the most outstanding and exciting products in the market. We thoroughly follow the prescribed quality guidelines while making any product so that it does not compromise on the safety and health issues of the children. Our specialized professionals always work hard for bringing improvisation in services and products. Our Bungy Trampoline ride is always manufactured keeping into consideration the requirements of the children.

This Bungee Trampoline ride enables children to become energetic and refreshed. It also ensures safety of children without any fear of sever body injury. Our trampoline can be easily installed in both indoor and outdoor locations like gymnasiums, water parks, schools, summer camps and so on. Adult and children of any physical weight can participate in this exciting sporting ride. Our Bungee trampoline jump has already taken the concept of fun and excitement to a new level that involves gravity defying experience with maximum thrill.

These are available in different designs, types and models and we will make sure that you do get the specific one based on your needs. Our firm procures high quality accessories and manufacturing materials from trusted dealers to make diverse range of amazing gaming products. For more information, you can either visit our website or can contact directly in our head office located in Ahmedabad to satisfy your queries.

Contact Us

Super Amusement Games
6, Darshil Estate, Nr. Gota Railway Crossing,
Gota, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. 380060
Mobile : +91-97126 58778, +91 – 98250 08076
Email : superamusementgames@gmail.com

Welcome to super amusement games

We, Super Amusement Games are pleased to introduce ourselves as the leading and reputed manufacturers of various amusement games like Video Games, Skill Games, Gift Games,Thrill Games, Trains, Baby Cars and Walking Animals etc. Established in 1996, we are manufacturing machines in our two production lines located at Ahmedabad.

Our Product Range

We have a wide range of products in our catalog like:

  • Skill Games: Air Hockey, Basket Ball, Hit-o-miss, Fat Cats
  • Video Games: Speed Champ, Standing Car, Race Bike, Dog Game, Fighters Box
  • Gift Games: Bang On Blue, Toy Catcher, A-fill-tower, Time Blast
  • Battery Operated Rides: Baby Cars, Daddy Cars, Walking Animals, Ride On Bike, Ride On Boat, Ride On Trains
  • Kiddies Rides: Elephant, Boat Ride, Disc Ride, Engine Ride
  • Family Rides: Bull Ride, Bungy, Sky Tunnel, Brake Dance, Octopus Ride
  • Moon Walkers (Bounces): Joker, Giraffe, Slide, Flat
  • Trains: Toy Train, Metro Train, Metro Sf, Family Train, Modern Train, Bullet Train, Mushroom Train

We are proud to have amongst us a team of educated and experienced engineers and workers who are hardworking and dedicated towards making our company one of the best in the field. Our devoted staff strength enables us to adhere to our delivery schedule and provide prompt after sale services.

We are supplying our products all over India. The products are maintenance free because as we have got the best technical team which works day and night.


Our constant endeavors for quality leaves no room for compromise and we use only premium quality raw material and accessories for manufacturing our wide range of games. The customers are provided with the best quality machines at reasonable prices. We are well versed with all aspects of manufacturing premium quality equipments that last for a longer period of time and that’s what makes us different from others.

Our pursuit for excellence and world class standards has helped us to create a global acclamation and form a strong clientele in India and U.A.E

More Details : https://www.superamusementgames.com

Quality Amusement Kiddy Rides Manufacturer in India

So, finally u got a day-break from your routine. Obviously you are not willing to invest the whole day by just getting tired and having nothing to do! So, now you must be preparing to invest a time with your family all through the whole day. There are many ways to invest high quality like viewing films, having lunchtime and supper outside, purchasing, clinging out with higher education buddies etc. What about being quite bold and brave, appears to be great! You will definitely experience high-octane fun in theme recreation area trips. An Amusement Kiddy Rides area is a complete hangout identify that provides full enjoyment and delight to all age categories.

For centuries, amusement parks like Amusement park rides, Theme park rides, Park Train, Amusement Park Train has been interesting guests with amazing and fantastic trips, entertainment destinations and delightful food, fun and fun. These areas are typically build in huge areas and are much intricate than a play area or a city park. This recreational area features of a number of entertainment destinations, trips and other entertainment events for the entertainment of people. As mentioned above these areas serves the entertainment needs of all age groups hence these huge areas draw huge crowds of people on regular basis as these are the hub for various team actions and fun excitement. You can enjoy here at your maximum along with your friends and family as the fun actions here deliver the entertainment despite the race and age. Also, in a bid to keep visitors engaged and maintain future relationship, these parks also bring innovative ideas on board so as to keep the excitement stage at advanced stage.

Amusement Kiddy Rides are highly sporty, rejuvenating and adventurous that keep visitors coming back for more. So, visitors will never get bored to spend their highly sought-after holiday in an amusement park which provides something innovative and new in the form of new rides, attractions and entertainment. Super Amusement Games offer thrilling rides at mechanized machines that move people to create enjoyment. There are many types of amusement park rides like roller coaster rides, thrill rides, train rides, water rides, swing rides, ferries wheels, pendulum rides, dark rides and kiddy rides etc.

Kiddy rides are coin-operated amusement rides especially for designed small children. Earlier, these rides are primarily available in amusement parks but now-a-days these are also available in malls, hotels, supermarkets, arcades, big departmental stores etc. In order to allow kids enjoy the rides at their fullest, the operators also play sound and music along with other features like lights, pedals etc along with the moves.

Among various Amusement Kiddy Rides providers Super Amusements Games takes the lead as the perfect entertainment organization redefines entertainment and amusement with dedicated innovations and fun-filled solutions. The premier operator of amusement rides and entertainment equipments offers various rides like family rides, thrill rides, kiddy rides and imported kiddy ride.

For more details Kiddy Rides Manufacturer in Ahmedabad India

Popular Amusement Toy Train Manufacturers in India

There is no question that in last few years the variety of Amusement Train Manufacturer in India has experienced a important increase. There could be many reasons behind that. However, if the professionals are considered then this pattern is going to increase even further. They believe it is the increasing income of the Native Indian middle-class which is behind the appearance of this pattern. In present times, Native Indian middle-class wants better features for their family. They no more opt for cost-effective personal choices which do not provide anything apart from the livable area. It is to fulfill this requirement; even the top designers now give highest possible choice to the play areas and other such factors which are necessary to live a better total well being.

The only disadvantage of using top great quality accessories is that they are quite expensive. Their cost is considerably higher than the common accessories, and this is why many go for comparatively less cheaper options. However, while purchasing Amusement Toy Train, everyone should try to comprehend the reason why these manufacturers are promoting things at such a higher cost. They should try to assess the great company’s accessories that they are providing, analyze its worth and try to comprehend the large amount that has been spent in enhancing their strength, protection measures and making sure that they are fun for the kids of all age categories.

There is no question that spending a little additional quantity for a much excellent item is always a very great idea. Doing that assures the actual protection of the kids who are using it and preserve them from any incident like scenario. They are even made up of top high quality components which are known to last quite long and do not crack or crack under stress. Apart from that, most of them have color like framework which creates them useful even during hot summer time times best natural weight loss supplements.

Before going for the playground equipments manufacturer, try to analyze the requirements. Have a look at the garden or park and visualize how the things will look in its different sections. If possible, even check the options available. If the available space in the park is too large then one can even go for the toy trains. There are a large number of toy train manufacturers who have the necessary resources using which they can offer customized solutions to their customers.

Before going for Amusement Toy Train Manufacturers, try to evaluate the specifications. Have a look at the lawn or recreation area and imagine how the factors will look in its different segments. If possible, even examine the choices available. If the available area in the recreation area is too huge then one can even go for the toy teaches. There are a huge variety of toy practice producers who have the necessary sources using which they can provide personalized alternatives to their clients.

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