Gift Game

Gift Game

Time Blast

This amazing game is perfect for spending some fun-filled amusing time. Coming from the house of Super Amusement Games the game machine is built with different levels of game play. The gift vending machines have many levels that increase in difficulty and give the players a whole time experience. Super Amusement Games is a long time dealer and manufacturer of time blast machines. Processed with in-built sound and easy to operate buttons the game machine has peppy stickers to cover its metal surface. The game can be systemized with gift pop out and cash in systems to add more practical value to it.

Bang on Blue

A simple yet addictive game for the kids the Bang on Blue is a uniquely modified game. With standard measurements of 30’’*27’’*80’’H the game machine can fit in adequately even in small places. The makers of the game Super Amusement Games are a leading manufacturer and exporter of  Bang on Blue game machines. The body of the game is covered with funky stickers and paint that gives it an interesting look. The game is based on various levels that get more interesting after each passing level. The gift vending game can be functioned with coins and gifts that drop out of it as the player overcomes its various stages.

Toy Catcher

This game is based on the crane machine technique and is very time filing for the kids. The Toy Catcher game is built with interesting sound and disco lights features that grab the attention of the players. The machine is beautifully built by the Super Amusement Games, which is a reputed gaming manufacturer. With sizeable dimensions of 36’’*33’’*78”H the game machine can be set up anywhere be it at home or gaming parlor. The stage difficulty can be adjusted as per the player preference and the body is in-built with colorful stickers that make it look more exciting and vibrant.

A fill Tower

The A-Fill Tower game manufactured by Super Amusement Games is suited for the kids. The inbuilt background is that of the famous Eiffel Tower which the basic concept of the game is. The game is functioned to give out gifts and cash to make it more fascinating and competitive. Different levels can be played and overcome to reach the latter stages that will eventually increase in difficulty. The standard dimensions of the machine is 30’’*27’’*81’H which makes it easily place able in small or medium sized areas. The game is in-built with exciting sound options that make it fun to play. Also the metal body of the machine is pasted with funky colorful stickers making it look quite the part.

Bears Treasure 1 Player

The Bears Treasure game is a single player crane machine manufactured from the Super Amusement Games stable. Ideal for kids as a recreational pastime the Bears Treasure game machine is 39’’*56’’*75’’H and offers a large screen space. The machine is crafted precisely to attract the young players as it is covered with various attractive stickers. In addition the game machine has light effects and sound options as the players cross separate levels. The game is matched with perfection and is suited for single players and one can stick up to hours at its helm facing the various difficulties and evading its many stages.

Chocolate Catcher

The exciting Chocolate Catcher game is sure to have many followers. Manufactured by the Super Amusement Games the Chocolate Catcher game machine is 36’’*33’’*78’H in size and makes a fun-filled gaming experience. The levels are processed with different light effects and different sound modifications as the player progress from one level to another. The built of the machine is modern with stylish stickers that add on to its fascinating features. The game is very interesting with easy to use soft buttons and one is sure to spend a lot of time playing it. The game has many levels of game play that comes with adjustable difficulty options.