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Rocket Inflatable

Inflatable is a big moonwalker based creation which can house many kids at the same time for playing purposes. The rocket shaped moonwalker has many layers from where the kids can derive a lot of enjoyment and fun. The Rocket Inflatable is made by Super Amusement Games who are a leading exporter of kid moonwalkers. The products can be directly purchased from their website by placing a decent quote. The Rocket Inflatable is widely used in many reputed amusement parks and commercial complexes where kid entertainment is encouraged. The makers take full proficiency in creating the moonwalker with utmost safety for the kids of smaller age.

Ball pool

Ball Pool is a different kind of a moonwalker game that has a palace like look where the kids can jump and amuse themselves with full energy. The Ball Pool from the Super Amusement Games house who is also the leading manufacturer and exporter is crafted with precision and safety to accommodate many kids at the same time. The large size moonwalker sack is ideal for the playgrounds or indoor fields as it can be installed very easily. The game can also be purchased on a private basis if one has a large playing area to welcome the children of their guests with an amazingly energetic time.

Char minar

The Char Minar is a amazing game that is derived from the famous monument of India and has an open air roof under which the kids can jump and fall on a bouncy safe surface. Its makers Super Amusement Games is a leading supplier and exporter of kid games who also have long connections in exporting it for commercial and personal usage. The large shaped moonwalker is perfect for fairs where it often gets tough to occupy the smaller kids with something of their choice. The Char Minar is crafted with concisely keeping the priority of safety for the kids at top slot.

Dragon fort

The Dragon Fort is a large sized moonwalker sack that gives the kids a larger playing area. The soft inflating surface is open from three sides with castle like pillars which are actually filled with air. The Dragon Fort is a popular product from the Super Amusement Game stable. The company is a leader in supplying and manufacturing moonwalker games. They are also exporters of various kid products and have a stable list of clients. The Dragon Fort although big and open is ideal for the kids to have a actively recreational time and is sure to engage them for hours at a stretch.

Giraffe flate

The Giraffe Flate is modeled on a giraffe shaped moonwalker that has an elevated layer. The kids can play in the separate segments of the moonwalker as it can accommodate a decent number of kids. It is manufactured by Super Amusement Games who also deals in supplying and exporting it to other places. The Giraffe Flate is tested minutely several times before it is delivered. The buyers can directly quote its price and fill up their contact details on the company website to get its services. The game is suitable for the commercial parks which are spread over a large area and welcomes huge number of kids on a daily basis.


Joker is a large moonwalker game that has a huge air-filled joker on its roof that leaves out a welcoming gesture. The large shape is widely popular amongst the kids due to its fascinating and colorful build-up. It is created by the Super Amusement Games team who is also its supplier and exporter. The fun-filled moonwalker is guarded by bouncing boundaries on three sides that makes it safer for kids. Kids are sure to spend hours inside it jumping and falling on its bouncy surface. It can be purchased from the company website by leaving a quote and one can also get further information on its other products.

Multi inflatable

The multi inflatable moon walkers are manufactured by super amusement games and they have two points that help in pumping air into them. Super amusement games is a supplier of these products and they send these moon walkers to different regions. These game play products are designed for children and can be used at game parlours as well as malls. Since these are inflatable products the company has made sure that they comply with the security standards and there are no safety issues. To make the booking one can visit the online store of super amusement and put up their quotes.

Moon Walkers

Super amusement has come up with its new variety of moon walkers designed for children. These game play products are completely secure and designed with proper safety standards. These are inflatable equipment and super amusement is the suppliers of these innovative game play products. The manufacturers have designed in various colourful varieties and these can be used in various malls or game play clubs. The fabric used in these products make sure that once air is pushed in the moon walker there is no danger of any exhaustion or breakage. You can add your quote online through the website of super amusement and buy these products.