Air Hockey

We are a manufacturer of Air Hockey game products and various other accessories involved in this game. The Air Hockey tables that we provide have unique designs and patterns. Our aim is to help customers achieve a fun filled gaming experience without any compromise.

The rise in customer numbers over the years has helped us to emerge as one of leading traders of Air Hockey tables. Some of the popularly ordered products in this category are Mini Hockey 2 Player, Baby Hockey 2 Player, Twin Hockey 4 Player and Air Hockey DX 2 Player. We always focus on offering high quality products at reasonable prices

Manufacturer, Supplier, Trader and Exporter of Various Air Hockey amusements games products like Mini Air Hockey 2 Player, Baby Air Hockey 2 Player, Twin Air Hockey 4 Player, Air Hockey DX 2 Player, Ice Hockey, super hockey, Hockey table.

Mini Hockey 2 Player

Mini Air Hockey is a highly recognized game played by many at the game parlours. Being a supplier of all kinds of Air hockey products we have standard quality tables for playing the game.

People buy these mini air hockey tables to make the most out of their recreational time. These are available in colourful designs. It has specialized features like sound effects, adaptable countdown timer and other options. This table that comes with blower fan requires minimal maintenance. There is a puck locking system. The table is made up of the combination of three different materials namely, wood, steel and fibre. The available size is 84’’ x 40’’ x 70 ‘’ H.

Baby Hockey 2 Player

We also manufacture and supply specialized Baby Air Hockey tables. The comprehensive range of products in this segment is prepared to meet the varied expectations and needs.

There are funky designs and patterns which appeal to kids of different ages. This game is hugely popular with the kids who rarely miss out on the opportunities they get to play. All of our products are loaded with features to be cherished by the users. These are basically designed to be user friendly and low on maintenance. The size available with us is 72’’ x 36’’ x 48’’ H. We cater to small and large exports.

Twin Hockey 4 Player

The Twin Air Hockey tables that we manufacture increases the adventure quotient at game parlours. Surface of the table has an inbuilt pattern that makes our products durable and gives them a unique look. Be it the sound effects, goal option or the adjustable countdown timer, there are no dearth of facilities for players.
A puck locking system is also provided. Prepared from the combination of three different materials, these tables are easy on maintenance. The designs and patterns that we supply are used by many clients. We have the size 102’’ x 72’’ x 60’’ H. We make sure our products standout among the market available products.

Air Hockey DX 2 Player

We provide Air Hockey DX 2 players’ to various traders at reasonable prices. These tables have features to enhance your game at any stage. They are made from the unique blend of elegant fiber, fine wood and sturdy steel. Like its brother products, it is also simple on maintenance.  The DX 2 player is available in colourful designs which would add a desirable mix of style, beauty and adventure to any game parlour.

The size available with us is 102’’ x 60’’ x 72’’ H. It is equipped with blower fan, puck locking system, sound effects, adjustable countdown timer and many more features.