Video Games

We have in offer Amusement Video Game that comes with user-friendly functions. These functions coupled with an interactive interface provides pleasurable experience to the user. Our video game comes with multiple games that enhance the IQ level of the child.

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Various video games like Arcade games, Gun Shutting, Speed Champ or Road Zoomer, Race Bike – II, Fighter Box 2 Player etc.,

Super Amusement Games is the premier manufacturer of coin-operated arcade games and attractions ranging from the hottest video game.

Our valued clients can avail these games in different specifications as per their requirement.

Arcade Gun Shooting

Arcade Gun Shooting Game is designed to experience the instincts of first person shooter game with real like environment. Super Amusement Games is in the business for years and is a long time manufacturer and supplier of the Arcade Gun Shooting Game.  Our company is also a proud exporter in Ahmedabad, India of shooting machine games.  The shooting machine from the gaming company comes in funky stickers that cover the metallic body and a 29” screen.

Super Amusement Games are gaming traders with many amusement parks like Bongi Chap in Jaipur, Game Zone Mount Abu, 6 Pocket Park Dahod, Wide Angle Multiplex, Rajpath Club, Krishnagiri GameZone to name a few of their client lists.

Speed Champ or Road Zoomer

Super Amusement Games have video games that entice kids of almost all ages. They would be in for a pleasurable gaming expertise each time they sit down with our Speed Champ or Road Zoomer.

We are a manufacturer of variety of video games which tests the IQ level of children. These could be ideal ways of enhancing the knowledge and skills of your little heroes. As a video game supplier for years, we are well acquainted with the taste of kids. We have fitted it with games that could bring the best out of your kids, which may surprise you eventually.

Super Amusement Games is among those few traders letting its clients avail games in various specifications as per their needs. The growth witnessed over the years has turned us into a video games exporter in Ahmedabad India. The size available with us is 60’’ x 27’’ x 69’’ H. You are free to enquire by sending us your name, email id, phone number and message.

Race Bike – II

Super Bike – II game arcades are 78 inches long, 30 inches wide and 66 inches high. It is a suitable size for any supplier. However, it is packed with power and efficiency, which are key attributes for coin-operated video-game arcades. The Super Bike – II arcade manufactured by super Amusement Games has a 29 inches wide screen that creates virtual interface for the players.

The Super Bike – II game arcade features adjustable timer for the convenience of players. Since Super Amusement Games is an exporter in Ahmedabad India, the Indian video game arcades have reached the foreign markets too. Super Bike – II is one of the favourites of video game traders in India as well as abroad.

Fighter Box 2 Player

Super Amusement Games presents the Fighter Box 2 Player arcade for all the little gaming enthusiasts. Fitted with unique and latest exciting games, we as an experienced manufacturer and supplier of video games are offering you best quality range in the market. It requires minimal maintenance and consumes lesser power than you expect. We as traders have absorbed the best out of the developments to offer you with games in various specifications as per your individual needs.

The size available with us is 36’’ x 30’’ x 66 ‘’H which needs little space to be installed comfortably. Super Amusement Games is also a proud video games exporter in Ahmedabad India. Interactive interface enhance the gaming experience of players. These are meant to boost the IQ levels of your children without any doubt.