Walking Animal

The gaming console is a new offering from international manufacturer and supplier Super amusement games. Walking animals is available in categories across Camel, Dog, Elephant, Giraffe and Hippo. These walker gaming machines would provide a battery powered ride to kids. The movement of limbs enables a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. Almost 60 to 75 kilograms of weight can be easily carried out by these modern machines.The sound effects provide a natural yet funny appeal. There is a timer within the system along with charger facility. It requires little space to accommodate these machines which are particularly user friendly.


This is a game mainly enjoyed by kids but it can also be fun for adults. Elephant is basically a battery operated game where the animal keeps moving its limbs and makes amazing sound in between the game. The movement of the limbs is the main characteristic feature of this gaming machine and you can buy this for your child to provide them an interesting animal ride. This elephant gaming machine can carry people more than 50 kgs on its back and is made of safe materials. There is a battery and a charger provided with this game manufactured by super amusement games.


This game actually gives the children the feel of riding on the back of a real life camel through this gaming machine. Super amusement games has made sure that the fun is always there in this game by adding interesting sounds in the game. The materials used in the game are completely safe for children and they don’t compromise on the fun and entertainment quotient. You can view the camel on the website of super amusement games and put up your quote by mentioning the quantity of gaming machine that you would like to buy. They supply these games in different parts of India as well as out of India.


This game has a battery operated dog walking on its limbs and looks fairly similar to a pet dog that you might be having in your home. It is fun to play this game with your children with its unique features and interesting sounds. This is a battery operated game where super amusement games would be providing you with a battery and a charger. There is a handle at the top near the dog’s neck that the person riding the dog needs to hold. It is completely safe and you can take a fun ride of your dog by keeping it charged through its charger.


The giraffe game designed by super amusement games gives you the feel of riding over the animal and having fun with your child playing this game in your house. It is battery operated and the giraffe will be walking on its limbs once you fully charge the walking animal through the charger provided by the manufacturer i.e. super amusement games. It is innovative and the sounds that it makes will surely be fun for you and your children. You have the option to buy one or more through the website of the company and have a look at the animal at the company’s website.


The hippo modeled walking animal is a fun filled ride for the kids of any age. The chargeable walking artificial hippo has a broader seating surface with a steering that the kids can operate at free will. The limbs of the hippo moves like a pro and the makers Super Amusement Games have built it with a powerful 12 volt 26 amp battery for long lasting functions. The hippo is further built with leg stands that are comfortable for the taller kids. The walking hippo has an amazing weight capacity of up to 60 kgs that makes it possible for cruiser weight elders as well.