Air Hockey Game, Air Hockey table price in india

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Our firm is a leading manufacturer of the products of Air Hockey game with several other accessories attached with the game. The tables of Air hockey that we offer is mainly known for its unique patterns and designs. The goal of our company is to assist customers to have a thrilling experience of this game without compromising on the quality aspect. Our firm always focuses on providing top quality products at competitive prices.

Some of the well known products in the category mainly include Hockey table, super hockey, ice hockey and so on. In recent periods this game has witnessed surplus demand and people of every age group visit several gaming parlors to play this game.

Now they have the option of enjoying this game at their home and the credit simply goes to us to make this possible. On buying our gaming products there will be a considerable improvement in your gaming experience and you can have lots of fun and excitement as it will also sharpens your brains. Playing this game at your home will spare your additional expenditures that you always incur on visiting any game parlor. But to play this game properly you need to certain prescribed rules which mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • While playing the game you must use the mallet for stopping the puck. In brief you must lift this mallet to place it above the puck.
  • You must not cross the centre line with your mallet in the attempt of striking the puck.
  • You have the chance of crossing centre line when this puck comes into close contact with this mainline and so it poses no problem if you strike with the mallet to hit the puck.
  • You need to execute your shot within seven seconds the moment this puck has crossed centre line.

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